How myths around slot games start

  • Thursday, Jan 21, 2021

When playing slots for money from providers such as NetEnt ( ), the player's behaviour becomes emotional. A player might experience a losing streak or the reels might not display what the player wants. Therefore a lot of myths arise from this that all slot games are rigged.


The behaviour of slot games vs table games

Slot games like those provided by NetEnt ( ), are very different from table games like roulette. With roulette, the expected payout is known and players adapt their strategies. You cannot win big on roulette with a small bet and a 1 number bet's probability of winning is 2.7%.

Online slot games behave totally different in that the outcome of the next spin is unknown. The slot terms that we will discuss are RTPs and RNGs. These terms refer to the rate of 'Return to Player' and 'Random Number Generator'. They are important to understand in slot games work.

What is RTP

The Return To Player is indicated by each online slot is a specific indication of the winning odds of every slot game. It is expressed in the game meta data information as a percentage and you could see it written as ‘Expected RTP: 96%’

This RTP percentage is how much the slot game is expected to pay back the player. A practical example: If the game has a 96% RTP rate, then you can take it that for every 100 coins spent on the game, 96 should be returned to the player.

That are RNGs?

The Random Number Generator is an algorithm built into the game that drives the outcome. The RNG ensures that each player has the same chance to win. Every time the player spins a set number is fed to the algorithm which translates this into the result displayed on the reels.

It is important to remember that the game does not know or earn from your history or your previous outcomes on the slot game. Every spins outcome is passed through a mathematical equation and is not controlled by any individual. The "playing' field is level.

Know the licence

Gambling licenses exist so that you can enjoy a casinos online games with trust and peace of mind. They are provided by third parties separate from casinos or their gaming providers. These bodies put the casino and its software through testing that they must pass before operating.

The vetting processes of the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is known to be the most stringent and therefore the most trusted by players. UK players should know that online gambling is regulated in the United Kingdom therefore casinos can only operate with UK licences.

Knowing the fair slots

Players can take steps to make sure that they are receiving a fair gaming experience. Play games from a licensed provider, such as NetEnt. NetEnt are okayed by the UK Gambling Commission. Look at the RTP percentage of the game you are playing.,It should be between 90% and 96%.

Furthermore only play at NetEnt's licensed casino partners. Licenses show that a casino commits to fair play and also that your persona data is protected. NetEnt only partners with credible, licensed casinos. You can find a list of these casinos on the NetEnt website.